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adidas : Terrex Pro a143 sunglasses

Category: Sports Sunglasses and Goggles
Brand: adidas

RRP: £250.00
Price: £239.00

Rimless Rx Insert & Rx Polycarb. Lenses - 134.99
Rx SV Base 8 Polar Polycarb. Sun Lenses - 169.99
Rx SV Base 8 Polycarb. Sun Lenses - 134.99
Rx SV NXT Trivex Polar Photo Lenses - 274.99
Rx SV NXT Trivex Varia Photo Lenses - 244.99
Rx SV Polycarb. Polarised Sun Lenses - 149.99
Rx SV Polycarb. Sun Lenses - 114.99
Award winning adidas Terrex Pro a143 sunglasses are available from Sports Shades Online, the perfect sunglasses for winter sports and mountaineering enthusiasts.

For prescription sunglass wearers, an easy clip-in rimless prescription (Rx) insert is available for purchase with polycarbonate prescription lenses. Please click on the Add-On to purchase.  Terrex Pro can also be glazed directly or via the twin filter, simply click on the Prescription Enquiry button for compatibility for all these Terrex Pro prescription options.

Asian nose bridge versions for both the sunglasses and the Rx insert are available on request.

Terrex Pro sunglasses are for the professional and amateur alike and the higher up the mountain you go, the more you will be glad of the accessories which are included with these most versatile sports sunglasses.

Terrex Pro sunglass accessories and features include:

  • ClimaCool ventilation system
  • Helmet compatible
  • Tri-fit sunglass temples
  • Double snap nose bridge
  • Detachable head strap
  • Detachable Twin Filter
  • Quick change lens sytem
  • Detachable nose cover
  • LST Bright lenses for dull conditions (except for 6053)
  • Sunglass microfibre storage bag
  • Hard, protective sunglass & accessories case

A custom sunglass fit is ensured via the three click position temples and 2 position nose bridge.  The soft padding of the Twin Filter ventilation management system helps to protect the eyes from cold air.

SPACE lenses are for use in bright sunlight in high mountain areas, filter category 4, too dark for driving.

Vario lenses darken automatically outdoors in sunlight from category 2 to category 3.  For more Terrex Pro sunglass lens info please click on the individual Terrex Pro lens related product links on this sunglass page.

Every Terrex Pro complete sunglass purchase will include a 10.00 Sports Shades Online voucher to be used against Terrex Pro accessories purchases; check out the related product links for Terrex Pro sunglass accessory lenses etc.

Sports Shades Online are Certified adidas Winter Sports Specialists so please contact us for any Terrex Pro sunglass info.

SSO Tip:  The similar Terrex Fast sunglasses in related products are ideal for small faces.

Terrex Pro a143 sunglasses from Sports Shades Online
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Black/LST Active Lens (antifog) + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6050)

Aluminium/LST Active Silver Lens + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6051)

Phantom Red/SPACE Lens + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6052)

Matt Mud/Vario Lens (6053)

White/LST Active Silver Lens + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6055)

Matt Black/LST Bluelight Silver Lens + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6057)

White/LST Bluelight Silver Lens + LST Bright Lens (antifog) (6058)

Petrol & Orange/LST Bluelightfilter Silver Lens + LST Bright Lens (6060)

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