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I am looking for LST Golf lenses for my adidas T-Sight sunglasses. Have they stopped making them?
No, they are still making them. adidas have just changed the name of Golf to Contrast to show that these lenses are suitable for sports where contrast is important, such as golf, tennis, bowls etc.
Also the adidas LST Trail lens is now called LST Active, their Orange lens is called Bright and the Bluefilter lens is now called Bluelightfilter.

If I don't like the sunglasses when I get them can I return them?
Absolutely. Please see our Delivery & Returns policy for full details:
What is the difference between Oakley Flak Jacket and Flack Jacket XLJ?
The difference is the size of lens. XLJ is larger. and a slightly different lens shape.
When I try to pay a window comes up about 3D secure. What is this?
3D Secure is a culmination of Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC) and is like a 'CHIP and PIN' service for the internet.
It is the latest fraud prevention initiative launched by the card schemes as a more secure method for authenticating the cardholder at the time of the transaction. You can contact your card issuing bank for more information. You could also try these links:
Verified by Visa:
MasterCard SecureCode:
My sunglasses are too close to my face, they dig into my cheeks and make the lenses steam up. Can you suggest anything to help?
Yes we can. The nose piece has an effect on the position of your sunglasses. Most adidas and Swarovski sunglasses come with a choice of standard or extended nose bridges. The extended bridge can move the sunglasses further from your face and stop them from steaming up. If you are purchasing a new pair of adidas or Swarovski sunglasses, please type 'extended bridge' into the Comments box at check out.
If you aready have a pair of adidas sunglasses and would like an extended nose bridge for them, please visit the extended nose bridge section in our adidas spare parts department:
I need a new right arm for my Giorgio Armani sunglasses. I can't find them anywhere on your site? Do you sell these parts?
Yes we do. Please send us your request by filling in this contact us form. Thank you.
My order status is Order Processing, what does this mean?
Your order is undergoing standard security and ‘live’ stock availability checks and we will contact you shortly with either a request for further information or a dispatch date.



What is Arista?

Arista is the word used by Ray-Ban for the colour description gold.
What is a prescription insert?
If a sports sunglass lens is too large and/or curved to be glazed with a prescription some manufacturers such as adidas and Nike make prescription inserts for them. These inserts can be glazed with prescription lenses and can then be inserted behind the sunglass lens.
I want to buy an arm for my adidas sunglass. Which is left and which is right?
The right arm is the one which goes over your right ear and the left one goes over your left ear.
What does brown gradient mean?
Brown is the base colour of the lens tint and gradient means the shade of brown reduces from top to bottom. This can sometimes mean the lens is a very light shade at the bottom of the lens or it is clear, dependng on the particular sunglass.
If I buy some prescription sunglass lenses what information do you need?
We need to see a copy of your current prescription and you have to be over 16 years of age. We may also need additional information depending on your prescription and the sunglass model.
Do the adidas Evil Eye sunglasses come with a hard case or do I have to buy the case separately?
All the adidas sports performance sunglasses, including Evil Eye, come with a hard box case. However, you can buy additional box cases from Sports Shades Online too.
The parts of New Zero frame kit I purchased do not fit my sunglasses. Why not?
The New Zero frame kits fit the newer version of Oakley Zero. You may have an older version, so please contact us so we can get the correct parts for you.
How do I change my earsocks and nosepieces on my Oakley Half Jacket?
To remove the existing nose pieces, hold the nose piece and slide it down away from the sunglass. Replace the new one by putting the prong of the corresponding (right or left) sunglass nose bridge, in the top part of the slot of the unobtainium nose piece and slide it up towards the sunglass. Ensure the nose piece is firmly in place. Repeat for the other nose piece.
To remove the earsocks, slide the earsock towards you while rotating the earsock in your fingers with a rolling motion. To fit the new earsock slide the larger hole of the earsock over the end of the sunglass arm while rolling back and forth in the fingers as before. Repeat for the other arm.
If you are finding difficulty applying the new earsock, try applying a tiny amount of washing up liquid to the arm before sliding on the earsock.
If you have any other Oakley frame kit queries, please contact us.
Can I get Oakley Custom etching on Oakley accessory lenses?
Yes you can, on all non vented Oakley accessory lenses - just add the Oakley Custom lens etching to your basket and make the quantity 2 if you would like it on two lenses
What are photochromatic lenses?
These are any lenses which change their tint colour, darken or lighten, according to the amount of sunlight. Various trade names are Transitions, Vario (adidas) or Maxadapt (Nike).
Are Oakley Radar Range sunglasses compatible with Oakley Pitch or Path lenses?
Yes, the Radar range is completely interchangeable.
Is there any difference between Nike Pursue and Nike Pursue LG?
Yes, the LG is a little larger than the standard Pursue lens with a slightly different shape. Pursue LG has a less curved edge:
Nike Pursue Nike Pursue LG
I need a new lens and nose bridge for my adidas T-Sight sunglasses. Does the lens include the bridge?
No, the bridge is a seperate item which is also in the Sports Shades Online adidas accessories section.
What are your shipping rates please?
Our shipping rates are as follows:
GB & Eire - £1.00
GB & Eire Special Delivery - £7.99
Rest of Europe (EU) tracked to destination country - £9.99
Rest of World tracked to destination country or fully tracked depending on the country - £10.99
Heavier or bulky items or remote destinations may incur supplementary charges of which you would of course be advised.
What is the PD?
The PD is the distance in millimetres between the two points marked in red on the image below:
How do I get the broken temple hinge out of my adidas sunglasses?
 To get the hinge out you press down on the circle on the inside of the arm which is directly opposite the logo on the outside of the arm. That should push the logo away and you should be able to pull it out a little further. That will help to release the hinge so you can pull it out with a pair of pliers.
How dark are the Oakley Rx Transitions prescription lenses when light and dark?


Light Transmission Values for Oakley Rx Transition Lenses Non Activated first to Maximum Activated by Sunlight 

Grey Transitions

93% to 16%

Non Iridium

Brown Transitions

93% to 19%

Non Iridium

Emerald Iridium  Transitions

70% to 12%


Gold Iridium  Transitions

60% to 13%


Black Iridium  Transitions

51% to 14%