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Oakley Sports Performance : Flak Jacket xlj Livestrong

Category: Sports Sunglasses and Goggles
Brand: Oakley Sports Performance

Price: £109.99
Special Offer Price!

This special edition of Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ employ Black Iridium sunglass lenses, etched with LIVESTRONG on one lens.  They cut down glare and balance light in bright sunlight.  

The lenses repel water and dirt thanks to Oakley's hydrophobic coating.  This special edition is also available in Oakley Flak Jacket Standard size. 
Flak Jacket array case and microbag included.



Flak Jacket xlj Livestrong  from Sports Shades Online
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Oakley Sports Performance : Flak Jacket xlj Livestrong
Jet Black/Black Iridium Lens (12-791)

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Sports Shades Online : Flak Jacket Livestrong
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