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Oakley Sports Performance : Crowbar Black Iridium lens

Category: Oakley Accessory Lenses - Goggles
Brand: Oakley Sports Performance

Price: £56.99

Oakley Goggle Microbag - 6.99
Oakley Crowbar Black Iridium lens.

Lens Category: 2  Use: Medium to bright light. 

An excellent all purpose high contrast lens for sunny conditions.  The Iridium coating helps reduce glare.

Lens filters are categorized from 0 to 4 with 4 being the darkest lens.  (A category of no more than 3 is recomended for driving.)

It's easy to interchange Oakley Crowbar lenses - check out the goggle lens links on this page or the Sports Shades Online Oakley snow goggle Accessory Lens for more options.

Crowbar Black Iridium lens from Sports Shades Online
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Oakley Sports Performance : Crowbar Black Iridium lens
Black Iridium (02-112)

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