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Silhouette : Silhouette sunglass lenses

Brand: Silhouette

Price: £89.99

Silhouette Sunglass Lens Repair - 10.00
Accidents happen and sunglasses can get broken or sunglass lenses badly scratched.  Here you can purchase a pair of replacement Silhouette sunglass lenses for your Silhouette Titan Minimal Art, Titan Design, Dimension, Harmonia, Softouch, Dreamwings, Mystero, Adventurer, Icon etc etc sunglasses.

Sports Shades Online can also fit the sunglass lenses to your sunglasses if you need us to; just click on the Silhouette Lens Repair Add-Ons box. We will then tell you where to send your glasses for repair once your order has been processed.

This price is for non polarised sunglass lenses - please see the related link on this page for polarised repalcement sunglass lenses for these Silhouette sunglass ranges.

Silhouette sunglass lenses from Sports Shades Online
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Silhouette : Silhouette sunglass lenses

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