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Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses

Category: Sports Sunglasses and Goggles
Brand: Silhouette

RRP: £209.99
Price: £189.99

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Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglasses are part of the Silhouette Pro sunglass collection. Silhouette Pro sunglasses incorporate innovative sunglass design with highest quality, high-tech sunglass materials, offering excellent sun protection and impact resistance. Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglasses will appeal to those who want to use their sunglasses while relaxing or engaging in sporting activities.

For prescription sunglass wearers, a glazed rimless prescription clip-in, customised to your prescription, can be purchased and clipped behind the Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglass lenses - just click on the Add-On to purchase this with the sunglasses. Please click on the Prescription Enquiry button to see if your prescription is within range.

Whether you will be using the Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglasses for sunlounging, walking, cycling, sailing or driving you will be amazed by the comfort, lightness and secure grip of these sport casual sunglasses. The Silhouette Pro sunglass lenses have anti-reflective and water repellent coatings as well as a blue light filter, which filters out 93% of harmful blue light. The rimless wrap around style of the Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglasses ensures a wide field of vision and protection from sunlight.

Silhouette Pro 4058 make perfect driving sunglasses as they are approved by driving authorities around the world.

The Grey Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglass lenses offer natural colour perception and a relaxing effect on the eyes. The refreshing Green lenses have a brightening effect as well as vivid and nearly natural colour perception. The stimulating Brown lenses offer strong depth perception and weaker colours appear more intense while strong colours appear stronger. The colour transition adjusts smoothly from top to bottom of the fashionable Degrade sunglass lenses.

The Silhouette Pro 4058 sunglasses include three year manufacturer's warranty, Silhouette sunglass case and luxury Silhouette microfibre cleaning cloth, all in a Silhouette box.

Sports Shades Online supply all Silhouette Pro sunglass accessories and parts so please contact us should you need any.

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Pro 4058 sunglasses from Sports Shades Online
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Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses
Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses
Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses
Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses
Silhouette : Pro 4058 sunglasses

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